Forum Of African Psychology

FAP is in pursuit of an authentic Afrocentric pedagogic approach in knowledge acquisition/training, research and practice.

We aim to adopt and infuse indigenous knowledge systems and paradigms into our understanding and practice of psychology. We initiate and make accessible psychological programmes that will meet the needs of disadvantaged and underdeveloped communities. We also respond to national and regional crises and challenges requiring a coordinated psychological response.

Forum of African psychology conducts African-centred research and disseminates the results through relevant platforms such as accredited journals, newsletters, and conferences. We provide coordinated psychological support to accredited organizations that train and work with lay counselors for them to develop effective African-centred solutions. We act as consultants to academic institutions on the training and application of psychology and also develop programs to support psychology professionals in training.


The 2013-2014 operational mission was to stage the forum's 1st international congress, embark on student recruitment drives, and establish branches in some provinces. To date FAP has engaged a number of activities and programmes including workshops, student membership drive and a successful inaugural congress held in the Limpopo Province in March 2014.